May 11, 2017, Toronto ON

OPTiFi Inc., a leader in mobile analytics, was granted and issued United States Patent 9,648,116, "System and Method for Monitoring Mobile Device Activity," May 9, 2017 by the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Patent provides a robust solution for linking and reporting all audience presence to all media. This future-proof IP encompasses the broad range of unique ID's over the array of evolving, wireless frequencies. OPTiFi is the connection between any APP, Ad ID and Device ID (from digital or static media to the mobile device itself, acting as the monitor-media playback station) to any WiFi or wireless end point.

OPTiFi's innovation enhances traditional audience measurement such as total traffic, dwell times, new and repeat visitors, loyalty and bounce rates, with reliable insights into media-driven consumer conversion for a vast range of commercial sectors including media networks retail, QSR, hospitality, tourism, transportation, government, entertainment, venues, and blockchain ledger systems. The service is agnostic to hardware, sets up in minutes and is easily scalable. OPTiFi plans to license its utility service for reporting media insights creating synergistic partnerships within the U.S. marketplace.

About OPTiFi Inc.
An early adopter of out-of-home media, OPTiFi has been refining its model of anonymized, mobile analytics since 2011 to provide brands and advertisers with the most reliable, efficient metrics for improving audience experience, while protecting consumer privacy. OPTiFi's latest media-driven, audience-conversion insights anticipate the growing significance of media to all businesses wishing to link people, places and media.

Robert Morton