May 17, 2019, Toronto ON

OPTiFi Inc. has received a listing on Meraki Marketplace, the exclusive catalog of Technology Partners whose services qualify for delivery on top of the Meraki platform—the world's best-in-class WiFi solution with 250K+ unique customers.

OPTiFi offers an ethical, patented, out-of-the-box solution for connecting and reporting audience presence to media, including static, digital, and mobile devices acting as the monitor-media playback station.

For the range of commercial sectors wishing to link people, places and media, such as media networks, retail, hospitality, transportation, tourism, government, sports, venues, and blockchain systems, OPTiFi has unlimited reporting capabilities with powerful insights into media attribution, consumer conversion, brand affinity, and ad-campaign intelligence for assessing media content, time, place and audience.

OPTiFi's anonymous-passive presence detection over WiFi delivers greater accuracy on proximity, as much as 75% higher for visitor counts compared to the mobile App/Bidstream geo-location data alternatives which only index 3-7 % of potential counts. Brands, advertisers and agencies discover where customers are coming from, and conversely, where ads need to be to reach appropriate audiences.

Robert Morton
[email protected]