Privacy Policy

OPTiFi is a team of software engineers, product managers, and entrepreneurs. Our products are designed to fully protect data privacy from the start of the process to the finish, following these principles:

  • We use a truly anonymous one-way encryption process at the monitor level and DO NOT capture MAC (Media Access Control) addresses from mobile phones or devices.
  • We DO NOT capture any personal information or real-world identity.
  • We analyze aggregated data, not individual devices.
  • Anyone can opt out of participation in our data gathering via our web url link or at the Future of Privacy site.


  • Information is provided to client stores and locations where the anonymous data is captured. Any analysis of foot-traffic trends for third parties does not include device-specific data or any names of stores included in the analysis. Only aggregated data is utilized.
  • OPTiFi does not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose device-specific information to third parties.
  • Only qualified, respected third-party providers, such as Amazon Web Services, are used for data exchange, aggregation, and storage, providers of OPTiFi services.

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