Location Assessment

Know where customers and prospects are coming from, conversely where ads need to be to reach appropriate customers.

Media Perfection

Gauge content, time and place plus media campaign formats with real-time data for agile changes, pre/post assessments and impression counts through to conversion.

Analytic Harmony

Reveal historical data (new vs. repeat, frequency, loyalty, dwell, bounce, proximity & engagement) with media reporting to go beyond behavioral counting.

Zero-friction solution requiring no apps or consumer opt-ins

How OPTiFi combines customers and media into a single platform How OPTiFi combines customers and media into a single platform How OPTiFi combines customers and media into a single platform

A few feet away

within minutes

Across the city

within hours

Miles away

days later

To the other side of the world

across time zones

Reveal powerful insights to optimize media

Real-time customer and media intelligence for your business platforms.



Campaign Media

Campaign Media



Brand Affinity

Brand Affinity





Easily Integrates Into Your World

Integrates with industry standard WiFi platforms, advertising networks, content management systems, optical cameras and kinesic models.

Provides a New Advantage

Provides a unique, media-driven differentiator for Adverisers, Agencies & Brands with low cost of entry and infrastructure.

Ensures Ulimate Security & Privacy

The highest level of data quality and privacy, built with proprietary algorithms and delivered within a secure, cloud-based environment.


OPTiFi's media-centric location analytics empowers partners with unlimited reporting capabilities and includes some of North America's leading retail, agencies and communications networks.

OPTiFi leads analytics with its holistic data management technology, integrating new and existing data from multiple sources and locations that influence customers and sales. Historical, real-time, external, and internal data is aggregated, cleansed, and presented in an open platform available to all company stakeholders.

Additionally, OPTiFi's patented technology relates anonymized customer presence and attribution from all media. In the broadest sense, a store location, a planogram, a product zone, or the product itself is measurable.